Settling In and Side Trips

After getting settled at our new marina, we had some time to explore the area a little before John’s new job started.  We had heard that if you go further into Connecticut, you can see the fall colors.

We decided to visit Kent Falls State Park in Kent, CT.  On our way, we stopped at the Frank Pepe Pizza in Danbury, CT.  John and I had eaten at the Frank Pepe in Bridgeport the previous year when John was there for three months.  I don’t know why we like Frank Pepe.  The pizza is usually overdone, hard to chew, and needs flavor…but we love it.  It’s almost addicting.

The boys enjoying pizza at Frank Pepe Pizza Napoletana
Bulls Bridge crossing the Housatonic River in Kent, CT

The colors at Kent Falls State Park didn’t disappoint.  There were hiking trails, waterfalls, lookout points, and plenty of beautiful trees.

The boys played a game of “Temple Run” and “The Floor is Lava” as we walked the paths.  We found fallen trees that served as balance beams and found many cairns, or rock stacks, throughout the paths.

Although we came prepared with jackets, we left with short sleeves and getting ice cream on the way out.

The day before John was set to start work, there was a homeschool Capture the Flag event happening in a nearby city in CT.  It was an hour drive, but we thought the boys would enjoy the game.

More fall colors on our way to Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag was taking place at one of the state parks.  We really didn’t know what to expect, but there were kids of all ages…elementary to high school.  Erik was able to join in on the fun but was quickly left behind due to his short legs.  Glen did quite well because he loves to run.  Liam attempted a few rounds of the game but quickly found some kids to befriend and proceeded to spend his time chatting…which was perfectly fine with us.

John and I had a chance to walk the park while the boys played.  There was a nice path and a river.  The weather was perfect.  The boys ended up making some new friends, and everyone had a great time.

John started his job on October 12th.  After learning his schedule, we quickly realized that there would be no more Capture the Flag due to conflicting days and sharing a vehicle.  We were a little bummed but began our search for a new play group on a better day.

It was time for Halloween.  Liam decided that he was a little too old to participate, but he was a good sport and wore his Hadyn Vitera shirt (from Liam’s school orchestra concert where he was their guest artist) that had a black, white, and red skull on the front.  Glen had recently purchased a leather jacket and sunglasses, so he dressed as MacGyver and carried a tin foil key that he had made.  Erik wore his flannel shirt, a drawn on beard, a toboggan, boots, and carried a glow-in-the-dark axe…he was Paul Bunyan.

We attended a Halloween Festival at a park in Stamford, but the candy was few and far between.  After Erik had enjoyed the crafts table, the boys and John decided that we needed to find a good neighborhood to go trick-or-treating.  Not far outside of Stamford, we found a neighborhood with a loop of homes.  Most of the houses were decorated and the families gave more than plenty of candy.  Even Liam participated in walking up to SOME of the doors 🙂  Glen was somewhat disappointed that one woman didn’t know who MacGyver was.  When the sun went down, the air got really cold and we called it quits with tons of candy.  The boys were happy with their loot.

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