Long Island and Great Exuma

Saturday, August 19th, we left Atwood Harbor with Long Island, Bahamas as our destination.  Juan had decided that due to the storms that were in the forecast, he needed to head back to Houston.

On a good note, Glen finally caught his Mahi Mahi on this trip.  He was so happy.  On a bad note, our mainsail ended up ripping along a seam during the sail.  We would have to use the motors and Jib for the remainder of the trip until we could get it repaired.

John helping Glen bring in his Mahi
Glen with his big catch
He’s so happy
Erik had to hold the Mahi as well

We made it to Long Island, fueled up, anchored, and had the Mahi for dinner.  The winds and current were strong where we anchored, so we had to make several attempts to get it just right.  There was a rock wall not far from where we were.

The next morning, we dropped Juan off at the fuel dock where he grabbed a taxi to the airport to head home to Houston.  He meant to take our bad luck bananas but forgot, so we had to dispose of them at our earliest convenience.

Bad Luck Bananas

After dropping Juan off, we sailed on to Georgetown, Great Exuma, Bahamas.

DSC_0227 (1)
An interesting ship in the distance – the boys thought it looked like a pirate ship
The same ship up close
Rocks everywhere
More rocks

There was a nice hurricane hole at our destination just in case we needed it.  We moored right in front of the Chat ‘n Chill Bar on Elizabeth Island.  The view was fantastic.

View from our bedroom side hatch

We took the dinghy and went over to Georgetown for WiFi and supplies.  The boys wanted to do a little shopping at the straw market.  They made their purchases and we walked on around the town.

Liam and Glen’s purchases
20170821_123202 (1)
Erik’s purchase

We stopped in for drinks at a little store and headed to the cell phone store for help with our new phone.  We found a little cafe with WiFi that John used to plan the next leg of our journey.  The grocery store was small but well stocked.  The only thing we couldn’t find were eggs…no shelf stable, no refrigerated.  We loaded up the dinghy and headed back to the boat.

Varekai from the dinghy

The Solar Eclipse was that very afternoon.  We watched it from the boat with our phones turned to selfie mode.

Our view of the Solar Eclipse

John and the boys played in the water and went over to the beach for awhile.  While they were gone, I did some laundry and made a boxed chocolate cake…no cake ever tasted so good.

John trying out Erik’s swim cap
Liam driving the dinghy
DSC_0254 (1)
My Loves

We left Tuesday, August 22nd, for our next Bahamas destination.


My trip to Long Island and Great Exuma.

Glen caught a Mahi. Along the way, we stopped at a place called Long Island. We dropped Juan off there. After we dropped Juan off, we went to Elizabeth Island. We went to a place. I got a dog knife, and my brothers got soda cars. We went to a grocery store, and got groceries.


We were leaving Atwood Harbour and going to Long Island. When we were sailing there, our main sail ripped, and left a giant hole in the middle of it! The rest of the way there, we had to use our jib and our motors. But on the bright side, on the way there, I caught a MAHI MAHI! After we got to Long Island, we went to this dock that had WiFi. We filled up our gas, because we had burned a lot from our trip. The water had huge rocks sticking out of it. That night Juan made Mahi Mahi tacos (my favoite food) and Plantains. They tasted great, and since we had Wi-Fi, we watched Nanny McPhee. I thought it was weird. That morning, Juan left to Deadman’s Cay airport to leave. We left to go to Great Exuma. Other than rocks, it was a pretty easy sail to Exuma. When we got there, it looked like there was no place to park our boat. Then we went out on our dingy, and their was no were to park, so we tied on to a pole and left. We went to a souvenir shop. I bought the legendary Coke car, Liam bought a Sprite car, and Erik bought a wood dog knife. We walked down the street and found a spot to get water and found a grocery store. We went back to the boat and loaded on our groceries and spent the night. We left in the morning.


On the trip to Great Exuma, a few things happened. On our trip, we stopped at a place called Long Island to drop off Juan. As we were backing away from the shore, Glen yelled out, “May the Bimbos be with you”! On our trip Glen discovered a cookie called a “Bimbo” which is a vanilla Oreo with coconut filling.

After we Dropped Juan off, we made our way to a place called Elizabeth Island. There we anchored near the “Chat & Chill” bar.

Afterwards we went to a straw market where Glen and I got old little vintage “looking” cars made out of soda cans. Erik got a fake wooden knife with a dog on the handle. We walked around town and got a few sodas. We also went to a small grocery store where we restocked on food.

After our long walk, we found that our dinghy hadn’t been stolen (yay?), and we motored our way back to the boat.


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