Welcome Aboard

August 4, 2017…we spent the day preparing to move aboard.  John and Glen took the car and the majority of our belongings to load the boat.  Liam, Erik, and I spent the day packing up the rest of our things and cleaning the apartment.  It was a long day without cell service to communicate with John and Glen.

They picked us up in the late afternoon.  We made it to the boatyard and moved the rest of our things on board.  What a disaster!!  The place was a wreck.  I managed to piece things together, just a little, while John took the rental car back.  We spent our first night tied up to the dock at the boatyard.

20170804_172734 (1)
Our boat at West End Boatyard during our first night on board.

The next day, we took the boat back to Conch Charters for some repairs.  That ended up taking the majority of the day, so that evening we sailed over to Norman Island for the night where we learned how to use a mooring ball in place of an anchor.

Liam taking it easy at Conch Charters.
Give me your best Zoolander.
Happy Erik on our way to Norman Island.


The beautiful islands of the BVI.

The next morning we got up early to spend the day at The Baths.  Erik made sure he was up before the other boys to ensure that he got the best seat in the house.  We anchored and took the dinghy in close.  We had to swim from the dinghy to the beach which was around 100 yards.  It wasn’t an easy swim considering I had Erik as a backpack the majority of the way.

The Baths from the dinghy tie-up.

The Baths were impressive and beautiful.  We enjoyed the walk through the tunnels, the amazing rock formations, the snorkeling, and the beach.  Poor Erik leaned against a rock that had some growth on it, and he was stung.  Initially, we thought that it was a jellyfish.  His little arm was burned from the wrist halfway up to the elbow.  We took him back to the restaurant that was on-site where they gave us some vinegar for the burn.  He recovered fairly quickly but had the scar for a few weeks.

Varekai waiting patiently for our return.
Snorkeling on the way back to the dinghy.

Our last evening in the BVI, we headed back to Soper’s Hole where we spent the night.  The few boats that were around were people who lived aboard or were too tired to party, so our evening was nice and quiet.

Glen and I as we head to Soper’s Hole for the evening.
Soper’s Hole at sunset.



The next morning we begin our journey home.


I moved on the boat.  I saw my room.  There were two big gaps under my bed for storage.  I got stung by a jellyfish rock at a beach.  I made a sandcastle.  My brothers made sandcastles too.


The first day on the boat was exciting. We were at a shipyard where our boat was fixed. We lugged on our suit cases and our backpacks. We started to look around. They left us some unwashed dishes cheap silverware. AND NO FITTED SHEET!!!!!!! Also, no Wi-Fi!

We went to our beds, they came with a stained mattress, a sheet, and some old dusty pillows. I can see why, it was like 10,000,000,000 degrees.

We mostly we stayed at mooring balls which is like anchoring. The first two nights we stayed at docks. Our boat was filled with flies, we were surrounded! It looked like there was no way out. But then we turned on the fans. It worked like a charm. They were blown away

The baths were cool. It was a cave with water. We used a dingy to get to a rope where we tied up our dingy and swam to the beach. We went into the baths. It was a cave made of boulders. There were lots of people there. It was a beach in a cave. There was little fish and coral and all kinds of life the ceiling was like an upside-down crater. The sand was really white and the water was really clear. Erik got stung by something on a rock so we had to go home we put vinegar on the sting then we were on our way.


When we had finally gotten on the boat, the first task was to move all our stuff onto the boat. We had 5 suitcases, a ton of backpacks, and a water maker plus a generator.
For the first night, we slept at the shipyard where we got the boat. Nothing really happened there. On the next day, we set out on our great adventure. We sorta just motored around and eventually stopped at a mooring spot.
There were many uncomfortable things about the BVI. One of the things was the fact that it was two trillion degrees there… another thing was the fact that we had no fitted sheets for our beds. The mattresses had a bunch of mysterious stains on them.
Most of the BVI from this point on was a fading blur of moorings, tantrums, and crappy wi-fi.
We stayed at one mooring with a party bar, and it was really popular. There was some where close to 20 to 25 boats, and they were all sail boats, except for 2 mega yachts, that were identical.
We stayed at a dock where we refueled, and Glen and I killed time by looking at all the cool boats in the marina by the dock. We named which one of the boats we would like to have for ourselves.
We went to the Baths one day, which was a series of rocks laying against each other, and the ground was a pond of water. Every now and then, you could see a little school of fish swim by. Erik managed to get stung by some coral, and a man gave him a cool water rag.
That’s about all I can remember from our time on the boat in the BVI.



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