Our flight left Miami, FL early on the morning of August 1, 2017.  We had one layover in Atlanta, GA before landing in St. Thomas, USVI.  We took an open air cab from the airport to the ferry terminal where we decided to have lunch while we waited for our ride to Tortola, BVI.  We were so hungry due to the fact that we had eaten airplane snacks only on the trip.

Open air cab in St. Thomas. These vehicles are also used as school buses in the islands.
Our boat on land, at West End Boatyard Soper’s Hole, as seen from the ferry.
The view up the mountain from the Tortola ferry terminal. The flags were hung in preparation for Emancipation Day (a week long celebration in the BVI).

We slept comfortably in the one bedroom apartment that John and I had stayed in once before when we came to see the boat for the first time.  There were beautiful views and plenty of space to spread out.

The boys on the apartment balcony overlooking the land and ocean below.

Once we settled in, the waiting began.  The boat was in the process of getting new bottom paint which was scheduled to take three to four days.  We spent the next few days shopping in preparation for our journey back to the US.  John and I (mostly John) had spent months preparing shopping lists and menus in fear that we would not get the items that we needed.  We did take some time to enjoy the beautiful BVI beaches and eat at our favorite restaurant in Tortola…Virgin Pizza.

Cane Garden Bay mud fight.

Beautiful Cane Garden Bay sunset.

Before we knew it, the bottom paint was complete.  The crew at West End Boatyard did a beautiful job.  From this point, we wait for relaunch to move aboard.

Bottom paint almost complete.



My trip from Florida to BVI

When I got on the airplane, my ears popped so much I struggled and I did not like the ride.  When I got off, I got on a ferry.  It was so fun.  I was bouncing.  It was a hour boat ride there.  When I got off the ferry, I went to a beach and my brothers did a mud fight.  We went in the water and there was big waves.  We lived in a apartment on a mountain.  One night we lost our house.  We went in circles and we did not get there.  Then we found it and lived happily every after.


The day we got to the BVI was fun. We took a plane to Atlanta that was pretty short but the next plane ride took 4 hours and the movie we were watching wasn’t that good but when we got there we went on an open air trolley and it was so cool then we went on the ferry to the BVI then got in our rent car and drove to the hotel. The food in the BVI is expensive because it was imported. The food doesn’t taste better or worse it’s just different. We went to a pizza place and it tasted pretty good. There were also these giant carrots at the grocery store. There wasn’t a whole lot to do the TV was broken and the Wi-Fi wasn’t very good. We drank milk from a box and it was surprisingly good. The island had huge mountains. The next day we saw the boat, it was glorious! We went inside and loaded up the water maker. We left and the next day we moved on board.


The plane trip from miami was just like any other trip. We had seats near the middl-ish back of the plane. We each had a little carry-on bag to keep us company during the 1-2 hour trip. Nothing happend during the trip. Our second plane trip, which was a continuation of the first one, was 3-4 hours long, and yet again, nothing happened. I didn’t get airsick, which is weird, because last time I missed the trash can.

When the plane rides were over, we were in the American Virgin Islands. We didn’t stay there long though. After one day there, we were on a ferry to the BVI. (British Virgin Islands.) On our first day in the BVI, we stayed at a nice little apartment complex up on the mountains. The lady who let us rent out her apartment, had also lent us her car!

We had four beds. Mom and Dad slept in a different room than us kids, so we got the rest of the house as our bedroom. In the living room area, there was one acual bed, and two floor matresses. I prefered the floor matress closest to the bathroom, but Erik and Glen (other two brothers) complained over the bed. Now, I thought the bed was hard and annoying to lay on, and the matresses were the better option, but Erik was un-yeilding about the bed. I think Erik got the bed the first night, and Glen got it the second night.

We had a big supermarket really close to our apartment, and we only went there once. We probably would’ve gone more than one time, but the prices were absurd! It was about 50 dollars, for a 12 pack of Corona. We didn’t buy much, but what we did buy, I can’t remember.

We went to the beach while we were there. The beach we went to was really nice. The sand was a light brown mixed with white, there were beach chairs, and the bar that owned the chairs let anyone use them for free. Glen and I built hot tubs in the sand, too bad they wern’t hot. We all built sand castles, and let the waves try to wash them away.

A couple days after that, we saw our boat. When we saw the boat, it was out of the water, so the workers could apply some finishing touches. The boat itself was looking good! The bottom of it was a light blue, and the rest was white. A silver mast stood up 60 feet in the air, and it was propped up high enough so I could stand up straight and there would still be a couple feet of space above me.

The next day was boat day!


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